Litron Technology (S) Pte Ltd, established in 1996, does Micro Spot Welding Equipment / YAG Laser Welder / Laser Marker and we carry other products such as Rotary Encoder, AC Servo/Stepping Motor, Tower Light & Revolving Light, Circuit Protector, Ball Bearings, Temperature Controller, Blower, Sensors, AC/Dc Switching Power Supply, Electrical Heating Elements & Equipment, Accessories and much more.


Scope of Services:


- PLC Software Programming;
- Spot Welding Automation System / Electrical & Electronics Project;
- Design and Fabrication of Control System;
- Modification and Improvement of Existing Production Electrical Control System & Machinery;
- Small & Big Volume Contract Spot Welding Service;
- Compressor Parts and Air Dryer.

Encoder Sensor
AC Servo Motor & Stepping Motor
Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors
Welder Transformer
Tower/Revolving Light
Stepper/Servo Motor
Circuit Protector
Spot Welding (Heavy/Light)
Other Equipment & Accessories
Temp Controllers
Ball Bearings
Beam Sensor & Proximity Switch
Valves, Guages & Universal Joint

Stationary Spot Welder

Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors

DHB - Ring & Turbo Blower (Single/Double/Vertical/Gas Blower/Belt Driven)

HEIDENHAIN - Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Linear Encoder, Manual Pulse Generator, Sensor Counter, Preset Counter

LITRON - Air Grinder, Fine Spot Welding Equipment, Stationary Spot Welder, Secondary Conducts/Shunt/Jumper Cable

Optical Rotary Encoder,
Stepping Motor, AC Servo
Motor, AC Servo Drive,
Industrial Robot System

Laser Welders, Laser Markers, AC/DC Inverter, Capacitor Discharge Spot Welding Equipment

NEMICON - Rotary Encoder, Proximity Sensor, Pulse Transducer
Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Precision Ball Bearing Products

Kickless Cable, AC/DC
Switching Power Supply,
Holder, Welding Force Gauge, Torch Parts

Proximity Sensor, Infra Fibre Sensor (Cable & Connector Type)

Reversible Motor, Stepping Motor, Electro Magnetic Brake Motor, Capacitor-Run Induction Motors

Digital Welding Meter, Digital Welding Force Gauge, Welding Force Gauge, Secondary Cable Checker, Welding Monitor

Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Manual Pulse Generator, Sensors, Preset Counter

Tower Light, Revolving Light

AC Servo Motors

Temperature Controllers & Sensors

Others: -


COSEL - Switching Power Supplies


EASYWELD - MIG, TIG, Arc Welding Machine, Welding Accessories


NAS TOA - Stationary Spot Welder, Compact Welding Positioner, Straight-Line Welding Equipment, Multiple Spot Welder Transformer


SEIWA - Heating Element, Injection Machine Heaters, Blow Machine Heaters, Micro Spot Welding Machine




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